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Post by War Doctor on Thu Dec 03, 2015 9:19 pm

Welcome to The Rhetoric Alliance, this board came about because Bren approached Countess and myself to see if we were interested in creating a debate focused board. Our vision for this board is a place where people from all different traditions can come together to discuss the issues of Christianity and the world. We want to emphasize the search for truth and promote better understanding of each other. Because of that and our focus on debate this board will not have any of the age or content restrictions of the Odyssey boards. As I said in the rules thread this means we expect you to act like adults. Because of the emphasis of this board on debate I hope we will elevate our level of discourse and engage in a mutual search for the truth. To do this we must take seriously each other's arguments, be honest with each other, and make sound arguments backed by credible and reliable sources. I have great hopes for this board and I hope it benefits all of us.
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