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The Laws of This Land Empty The Laws of This Land

Post by Isaiah the Ox on Sun Nov 29, 2015 10:21 pm

The following is the rules for The Rhetoric Alliance debate forum. Please observe these rules carefully. The Administrators and Moderators have decided upon these rules for good reasons, and will use them as they observe all of the posts made in this forum. The rules here are intentionally short and to the point, we trust that you the users are adults and know how to behave as such. If that proves to not be the case more rules will be added.

  • No Spamming. The Admins and Mods have the final say on what is Spam.

  • No Swearing. This forum is not family friendly but keep it classy guys.

  • No Off Topic posts. They will be moved or deleted.

  • No Double Posting.

  • No Personal Attacks on other users.

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